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Art of the Plate

FOOD. Once a simple source of nourishmentin Lancaster, ever evolving to an intricate art form, an expression of color, flavor, culture,and conscience.

As our community has evolved, so too have our expectations for high-quality, fresh, healthy, beautiful, flavorful food. This demand has encouraged a revolution of restaurants to spring up across our City, offering Lancastrians and visitors alike authentic, diverse, and exciting options from brunch to late-night snacks and everything in between. Through our food we share a bit of ourselves with one another. We embrace new ideas, mindsets, and cultures through the authenticity of the artful plate.

With the surrounding farmlands of Lancaster County, we have the unique privilege of a geographical transparency from farm to fork. We are connected to the land and our wider community of growers and farmers through our commitment to agricultural sustainability. We are connected to our diversity and growth by a restaurant landscape enriched with flavors and cultures from every nation. We are connected to our sustainability by supporting and patronizing local food markets, restaurants, and entrepreneurs. We boast the nation’s oldest farmer’s market and new eateries springing up on the cutting edge of the culinary world.

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