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Authentic:  Casey Spacht


FOR AS LONG AS HE CAN REMEMBER, Casey Spacht has been fascinated with the natural world. Always feeling at home in and connected to nature, he was drawn to forests, creeks, and the idea of foraging the land. As time went on, Casey became more aware of the connection between people and nature, and more in tune with the ways that nature sustains life. He also found himself disheartened as he dove deeper into the processes that most Americans use to get their food. He knew he wanted to be a part of something more authentic and sustainable. “I really think the biggest aspect of when I came full circle as a person was growing up in touch with nature, losing touch, and then rediscovering that connection through food.”

In 2006, Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op, a non-profit organic farmers' co-op, was born. The Co-op started with about six farmers banding together to take the power back into their own hands and create and control their own destiny. Today, the Co-op has grown to over 300 farmers who provide Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members and wholesale customers with local, organic, humanely-raised products directly from the farm.

One of the primary objectives of Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op is to keep farmers on their farms in profitable and sustainable ways. Casey is motivated by the outcomes of this goal. He takes delight in the real and meaningful connections that spring up in educating people about sustainable farming and in exposing the community to the bounty of our natural world. He is humbled and inspired by a legacy of second generation farmers enabled to do what they love because their parents, original LFFC farmers, were empowered through this program to thrive and pass down the legacy of living in harmony with the land entrusted to us.

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