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Art That Makes a Difference - Friendship Heart Gallery Auction

Posted April 03, 2017 by Admin in Arts & Culture

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“This is what it’s all about. Supporting and encouraging these Artists and their talents and capabilities,” said Mary Darrenkamp, Communications and Development Associate for Friendship Community. “They are incredible!”

The recent Friendship Heart Gallery auction was held on Thursday, May 30 at the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences. The auction was a great success with an approximate total of $25,000 raised!

Friendship Heart Gallery is an extension of Friendship Community and has creative programs to encourage artistic expression and innovation for artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The annual auction is a huge fundraiser that supports this incredible cause.

“The most encouraging element of the art auction was seeing the joy of the Heart Artists as guests bid on their pieces and talked with them about their artwork,” Darrenkamp said.

Here are some snapshots of the event!

Delicious cupcakes. We couldn't get enough!

Some of the masterpieces on display.

There were so many beautiful creations!

The auction is about to begin.

Going once, going twice... sold!

Artists Emily Hartmann and Kyle Harris pose with their work in the photo above!

"The Artists are also so uplifting of each other," Darrenkamp continues. "When the next piece in the live auction would come up, you could hear the Artists in the audience shouting their friends’ names in support and applauding for their friends when pieces would sell.”

Friendship Community brings these artists together and encourages personal value by providing opportunity to express through creativity. We are so thankful to have this meaninful mission part of the Lancaster community. 

Want to find out more?  Visit Friendship Community online and see how you can help make an impact on this fantastic program!

Photos by Janelle Ellis


Art That Makes a Difference - Friendship Heart Gallery Auction

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