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Summer Fundraiser Feature: Clare House

Posted July 13, 2017 by Tony Gorick in Event

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AT FIG, we believe in the power of a community that works together to identify needs and find solutions—one that creates connections and is passionate about helping its neighbors. For our 2017 Social Mission Partner, we have chosen Clare House, an impactful non-profit whose good work contributes immensely to our thriving, local community.

Homelessness doesn't take a summer vacation. Traditionally the busiest season of giving happens between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. But by the summer, new families who are experiencing homelessness have moved into Clare House and are starting the hottest and most grueling months of the year with nothing.

During the summer months, donor and volunteer participation drops to a yearly low. That's why this year Clare House invites you to help change that trend!

"It seems counter-intuitive, but all of our observation over the past several years indicates that where the winter holiday is most busy for our donors, our phones ring off the hook for potential new residents in the summer months," Said Executive Director of Clare House, Eva Dombrowski. "It’s important to give during the summer months because with so much demand, our bills skyrocket and our supplies plummet. In order to keep our families stocked and cool in the heat, we need our supporters to stretch extra during the summer!"

With the X-mas in July giving campaign, you are invited to provide donations necessary to support the new families at Clare House. The belief of Clare House is that family is the best gift of all, so in exchange, join them in celebrating X-mas in July with themed activities you can do right at home. Plus, the impact you can make on families is huge. 

"One of the most powerful aspects of being part of our mission is undoubtedly seeing the transformation from move-in day to move-out day. On move-in day, our families are reserved, overwhelmed, discouraged," Adds Eva. "Through the program our families blossom—they become so much more full of life and personality. We get to know where they’re from, what they like, what they hope for, and be part of the hard work to get there. Move out day is always a bit bittersweet—in a way we feel like our friends are moving away," Eva continued. "But to see mom, proud of herself, excited, if not a little nervous, for her new chapter, head up, shoulders back, smiling--that’s the paycheck."

Already planning to be on vacation in July? Make a meaningful monetary contribution on our website instead! Giving gifts is a loving thought in action and can happen all year long—not just over the Fall and Winter holidays. It costs Clare House approximately $3,500 to sponsor one family for six months. Your donation makes that opportunity a reality for families in need.

For the X-mas in July giving campaign, there are themes all month long for donations:

Week 1 Jingle Bubbles: Diapers: sizes 4, 5, and 6. Pull-ups: Medium and Large

Week 2 Coal in Your Stockings: Laundry materials including powdered and liquid detergent, fabric softener, and bleach. 

Week 3 Clean as the Driven Snow: Disinfecting wipes, window cleaner, dish soaps, and hand soaps. 

Week 4 Wreath Around the Rosey: Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, paper towels, and toilet paper. 

By choosing to donate you are choosing to help make a positive impact on others. Clare House is full of stories that inspire. Eva shared one of her favorites with us below:

"This story is about Katie [name change for privacy] and her two daughters. Katie had a history of abuse from her childhood all the way until she made the courageous move to leave her abuser and move into Clare House. She had never rented an apartment on her own before, and in her residency at Clare House was working the entire time, saved diligently--but consistently talked about the anxiety of living alone. You take a risk every time you open your doors —Katie was definitely a flight risk in that she might at any time leave in the night if the stress and hard work of improving her life got too great.

One day while I was working late in the office, I happened to spy Katie and her daughters, on the security cameras, in the kitchen making dinner. I observed them for a little while, and saw Katie begin to do one of my nieces favorite activities—throwing her youngest up in the air and catching her. I couldn’t hear them, but I knew they were both laughing, and the carefree smile on her daughter’s face—knowing her mom was going to catch her. Seeing the faith that little girl had in her mom renewed my trust in Katie. We took a risk on her, coached her through every step of the way, and at the end of her 6 months, she was successfully moving into her first apartment, which she is still happily situated in. Katie even stops by from time to time to give our team updates on how well life is going abuser-free and independent. Without the gentle encouragement from our staff, Katie’s success would not have been possible."

Call 717.291.8967 to arrange for donation drop off at Clare House. Or save travel time and list Clare House, Inc. as your Amazon Smile charity and ship purchased donations directly to us.

To donate or learn more about Clare House, visit


Summer Fundraiser Feature: Clare House

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