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Cool Beans! 9 Coffee Shops in Lancaster You Need to Try

Posted July 30, 2017 by Tony Gorick in Foodie

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Cozy spaces and friendly faces—this is why we love coffee shops and cafes so much.

Coffee culture is more than the brew inside your mug. It’s not about whether you take two sugars or three. Or whether you like cold brew best or a mouth-watering macchiato. It’s a focus on what’s warm and welcoming. It’s taking a moment to connect with others or read a few pages of the next bestseller. It’s saying hello to a local barista on the way to work, or sharing a scone with a colleague for an evening social. Coffee has become a big part of the culture of Lancaster. Make your way around the City and taste each unique brew.

We asked some of our favorite coffee spots some questions. Browse their answers before going on a Lancaster City coffee tour!



Bistro Barberet & Bakery

Q: What’s your most popular coffee drink?  

A: In the summertime, our most popular drink is our La Colombe Cold Brew iced coffee!



Square One Coffee

Q: What’s your favorite coffee house song?

A: For those quiet mornings an obvious choice, "Black Coffee" as sung by Julie London. We get fairly eclectic though, so expect to hear a range from Buena Vista Social Club to Aaliyah. 



Lancaster County Coffee Roasters

Q: What’s your most popular coffee drink?

A: I’d have to say that our StarBarn dark roast coffee is our best selling item by the cup or  by the pound in whole bean. It’s  fresh roasted every day.



Splits & Giggles Café

Q: Favorite coffee pairing?

A: Espresso milkshake. We replace half of the milk with espresso for a completely unique and delicious milkshake. Or an affogato, a scoop of ice cream with hot espresso poured over the top.



Lemon Street Market

Q: What makes your coffee shop special? 

A: We're the only place in town where you can grab a cup and get all of your grocery shopping done!




Q: What’s your most popular drink?

A: Hands down, it's gotta be our 10-19 blend, our house coffee. It's a drip-brewed, post-roast blend that's proprietary to us. We're a coffee and street food window so our blend is perfect when you want breakfast or lunch on the go.



Commonwealth on Queen

Q: What makes your coffee shop special? 

A: Our team and our guests. Together they create a pretty amazing energy.



Mean Cup

Q: What’s the most complicated coffee drink anyone has ever ordered from you? 

A: Nothing’s too complicated —just ask nicely.



The Baker’s Table

Q: What’s your most popular coffee drink? 

A: Definitely the cold brew coffee. It's high-octane and really gives you a jolt of energy.


Cool Beans! 9 Coffee Shops in Lancaster You Need to Try

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