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No Place Like Home: Your Dream Home Checklist

Posted July 26, 2017 by Admin in Lifestyle

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Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about that perfect space to call home? We do!

Get out your checklist. It's time to turn that dream into reality. Here are some of our favorite places that help make the magic happen and transform your space into your dream home.


Step 1: Get ready to make this happen! These spots will help you get started.

Chris & Claude Co.

Start with services like real estate at Chris & Claude Co. Or, if you are further along in your adventure, they also offer renovation opportunities for your space. 

Gil Lyons

A huge first step is getting a realtor. That's where Gil Lyons comes in. You need someone you can trust, and Gil brings 31 years of experience to his clients. 

Puffer Morris

At Puffer Morris, it's important to nurture the commuity through quality real estate support and development. This team has your back. 


Step 2: Are you ready for phase two? It's time to construct and build your ideas into reality.

BH Architecture

The mission is simple: bring an idea to life through modern, sleek, and quality construction that makes your space truly unique.

Brentwood Builders

At Brentwood Builders, the team wants to ensure your houses feel like home with options you can't miss.

Penn Stone

From beautiful masonry to outdoor living, Penn Stone is the place to turn your outdoor oasis into reality.

The TONO Group: Proto Construction

The architects at the TONO Group understand that each project has a unique feel, personality, and goal, and they love to build exciting new spaces.

RMS Seamless

Your home has never been this tech-savvy. With home automation opportunities, RMS Seamless offers you an immersive tech experience to protect you, entertain you, and keep you cozy. 

Two Dudes

From interior and exterior painting, to murals, signage, and faux walls, the guys at Two Dudes are ready to add some texture and color to your new space. 

C.E. Pontz Sons Inc.

"Where Art Meets Nature" - C. E. Pontz Sons Inc. transforms your yard into a beautiful landscape full of ponds, water features, gardens, lighting, outdoor audio systems, and living spaces.


Step 3: Now this is where you make the space yours. Time to fill it with personality!

Bloom Container Gardens

Add beautiful arrangements, pots, containers, and more, to your new home with calming and inspiring colors and plants.

David Lyall

Professional interior design by David Lyall is exactly what your new space needs. Plus check out the showroom to really curate your home.

Greg Pilotti

Beautiful custom-built handmade tables, kitchen cabinetry, and other furniture is crafted by Greg Pilotti and the team to add an incredible aspect to your home. 

Perfect Pots

Add to your own natural wonderland with plants, pots, flowers, and more, at the Perfect Pots online store. Craft your natural habitat! 

The Press Building

What if you instead want to purchase a beautiful condo and skip some of these steps? You have to check out The Press Building to see the eclectic, beautiful spaces available. We are in love with the options!


No Place Like Home: Your Dream Home Checklist

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