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Ananda Integrations

223-b West Walnut Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Tel: 717.869.4919

Ananda Integration is revolutionizing the way chronic pain and injury is treated.  Through manual therapy, we focus on the root of the problem instead of managing the symptoms.


When you come in for your first treatment an in depth evaluation will be done.  We will will discuss your goals and perform a body reading.  A body reading gives us the information necessary to identify where to begin.  This is done with you wearing shorts and a sports bra so that the practitioner is able to see how you stand and move through space. 

After discussing these findings together, the practitioner will come up with a treatment pal that is specific to your goals and your body reading.  During the treatment you will be working in collaboration with the therapist and my be asked to move in a specific way, in order to get the glide and direction of the tissue that is desired.

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