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Barberet Bistro & Bakery

26 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

the highly anticipated arrival of King Street’s 26 East manifests top-notch culinary delights, entertainment options, and an elevated experience unlike anything else in Lancaster. The first floor is Barberet Bistro & Bakery. The second floor is an event space, and the third floor is Altana—a rooftop lounge with intensely breathtaking views of the City.

Barberet Bistro & Bakery is the namesake of Cedric and Estelle Barberet, a French couple who have a passion for creating something beautiful. Cedric is a renowned pastry chef with training and skills from world-class restaurants and clubs. Estelle has mastered the art of charm and is the first  face customers see when they arrive.

The bakery sells macarons—the jewel of French pastries. “The selections are very flavorful with bright colors that are appealing to the eyes,” Cedric says. He also creates smooth and rich truffles as well as individual pastries and large cakes—from raspberry and coconut tarts to something more elevated like milk chocolate desserts with crème brûlée centers. Patrons love the flawless chocolate sponge cake and not-too-sweet summertime favorite: vanilla macarons with lime mousse and raspberry gelée. Scrumptious gluten-free options are also available.

The bistro offers a comfortable and affordable dining experience. Led by Chef Tyler Boell, the vision is a distinctive taste of quality within a casual and welcoming environment.

“I always wanted to be somewhere you  could create something to love. And I think Lancaster is that perfect place,” Cedric says.

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