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Henrietta Heisler Interiors

217 West Walnut Street
Lancaster, PA

Tel: 717.295.0324

You may not have met Henrietta Heisler yet, but you’ve probably noticed her work around the city. Leading the redesign of TMB Fine Clothing’s women’s store and other commercial spaces, Henrietta has made her mark on Lancaster. For TMB, she chose a bright pink color for the walls. She explains, “People feel really exhilarated by reds and hot pinks, so I told Shane and Kaitlin (the owners of TMB), if you are brave enough, we should use hot pink as an accent.” Her purposeful choice was successful, and now TMB’s space is as memorable as it is fashionable. 

Henrietta’s career in design began deeply rooted in fine art. After receiving an education in the arts and humanities she began her career as a painter, but she began to feel something was missing from her life—people. Painting required a silent solitude, but Henrietta’s vibrant personality needed human interaction to feel inspired.

It’s this devotion to people that drew her back to school for design, and has become one of her great talents as a professional designer. “There are many great designers but I think what we do best is color, plus we really listen to our clients,” Henrietta says. “We get to know our clients, use our expertise to create a unique space that reflects them. We truly create an extension of each client’s vision.” With her eye for style and commitment to connecting with clients, Henrietta has become renowned for her astute design skills, and now brings it home to Downtown Lancaster. 

Her new building—217-223 West Walnut Street—once stood as the Wacker Bros. Brewery during the early 1900s. After the brewery closed in 1956, the building fell into a disrepair and under utilized space. Henrietta’s keen eye saw its true potential. With great care and attention to detail, Henrietta renovated and revitalized the building. It now stands as home to a yoga studio, and her own design showroom, with a wellness center and brewery to open soon.

In her new space, customers will be able to customize and explore her carefully curated collection of fabric, furniture and accessories. If your interior is in need of a design refresh, don’t wait—Henrietta has a vision to share. It’s as she tells us, “Good design is as necessary as food, water, and air. Design is nourishment. It’s both fulfilling and energizing: it will lift you up.”

Call Henrietta for residential living spaces, kitchens and baths, commercial and professional office, color consultation. Open by appointment, invitation, or by chance.

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