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Meduseld Meadery

252 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA

Imbibing aficionados of Lancaster will be ecstatic to hear that a meadery is coming to town. Fans of Tolkien, Beowolf, Game of Thrones, and Thor will be thrilled to have ready access to the drink that’s long been hailed in literature as the “nectar of the gods.” However, if you’re unfamiliar with drinks that surged in popularity in the Middle Ages, the crew at Meduseld Meadery on Harrisburg Pike is especially anxious to introduce you!

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey. It comes in many forms and appeals to diverse tastes. Meduseld founder Will Wrede describes mead as a “social chameleon,” taking on the flavors  and mood of the ingredients used to make it. It can be served like a beer,  a wine, or even take on characteristics of champagne.

Historically, mead halls were the place where people would come to mark the important moments of their lives. If they were celebrating, if someone died, if a battle or raid was being planned, folks would flock to the mead hall. Lancaster’s meadery will preserve the tradition and celebration of old, while bringing a modern, local take with live music, long communal tables, nooks to relax with a book or a board game, and tours of the meadery.

With the resurgence in popularity this ancient drink has had in recent years, Meduseld Meadery is proud to introduce the mead experience to our community. Opening in December, the Meduseld crew is ready to help Lancaster ring in the holidays with new experiences that nod to old traditions, and an inviting place to grab your loved ones and raise a glass (or drinking horn) to toast more reasons  to celebrate in 2017.

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