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Mise en Place Kitchen Store

341 North Queen Street
Lancaster, PA

Tel: 717.925.7755

A french culinary term, “Mise en Place” is the systematic preparation a chef takes to create a meal. Prep the ingredients. Prepare the sauces. Chop the vegetables. Collect the spices. This organization is done before a pot ever hits the stovetop or pan is placed in the oven. This practice allows the chef to prepare the best meal possible. Between Theresa and her daughters, Courtney, Kiersten, and Maddie, this family of foodies understands the term well. Now they’re bringing this philosophy downtown in their store Mise en Place, opening soon on the 300-block of North Queen Street.

“I grew up in Lancaster coming into town to go to Lancaster Central Market. My mother was a great cook; we were always in the kitchen,” Theresa remembers. “I’ve shared those moments in the kitchen with my daughters, too.”

Courtney adds, “We’ve had the opportunity to travel and taste cuisines across the world. There’s never a dinner where we’re not passing plates around, sampling different dishes.” The foodies shared laughs and dreams at the table as they talked about opening a kitchen store together one day.

In Mise en Place they’ll feature all of the kitchen gadgets, utensils, cookware, bakeware, barware, and serveware that you need to equip your home kitchen. Stop in for All-Clad steel pots and pans, Microplane zesters, Best Whisks, Nordic Ware, and more. “We want this to be a place where home cooks can shop alongside professional chefs and feel comfortable, get more organized in the kitchen, find the best products available, and learn new things,” Kiersten says. As a pastry chef, it’s safe to say Kiersten feels comfortable in the kitchen. And we’re certain that this team will make you feel comfortable, too.

341 North Queen Street, 717.925.7755
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