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Plié. Relevé. Pointed toes and graceful arms wisp through the air. Ballet is an intricate art with a delicate appearance on stage, but an intense focus behind the curtains. These movements combined with elements of Pilates and yoga are sweeping the nation in the form of barre fitness classes. Marie Cleaves Rothacker knows them well.

At 6 years old, Marie decided she would pursue ballet. Ardently dedicating herself to the art form, she trained professionally at the highest level, but retired from ballet at a young age. She continues to perform other dance styles, teach, and choreograph locally. While training, Pilates both strengthened her body and helped with rehabilitation, so becoming a Pilates teacher was a natural next step. Combining the benefits of both forms along with yoga-based stretches, Marie developed her own brand of barre fitness in Lancaster, coining herself “Move It with Marie.” 

Now she will open Move It Studio, a barre studio and movement gallery. The barre studio will be the first of its kind in Lancaster County, offering barre fitness and Pilates classes. Focusing on the artistic aspect of dance, the movement gallery will provide a space to integrate dance into the local arts scene through First Friday events, classes, workshops, and as a rehearsal space rental for dance companies. Marie shares, “I want to provide a dynamic space for people to experience both the fitness and artistic aspects of dance.”

For Marie, there is power in movement. “I don’t feel alive if I’m not moving regularly. Movement is transformative. Intentionally moving every day feeds your soul.” We couldn’t agree more. And we can’t wait to move it with you, Marie.

Visit for class offerings or email for more information.

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