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Write From The Heart Creative Writing Workshops

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Write From The Heart workshops are an invitation to free the spirit and imagination in an atmosphere of warmth and trust.  Their goal is to relax, inspire and delight, while reawakening our creative lives.  Using gentleness as a path to reflection and healing, they're especially for those who have always longed to write, but thought they couldn't.  Everyone has an imagination - we may simply not know how to get in touch with it.  These playful, poetic workshops foster camaraderie, compassion, and the courage to write. 

Writing from the heart isn't about grammar, spelling, or punctuation, but what we long to express, deep down.  It's about discovering that writing brings us joy.  Beginners welcome.  No grades, tests, competition, or anxiety.  Classes are a safe haven where writing can be fun, freeing, and a means to hope and self-esteem.










Write From The Heart offers:

  • Women's Workshops
  • Men's Workshops
  • Children's Workshops
  • Teens' Workshops
  • Grief/Loss Workshops
  • Summer Camps
  • Student Essay Support

Please visit our website for the most up-to-date class and summer camp schedules. Samples of student writing can be found below.

Contact Melissa Greene at to schedule a class. 

Student Writing Pieces—

When all is conventional
When all is simply the way it should be
Is when the artist dies
When the moon is simply a lump of rock
Instead of the magic and wonder it truly is
When no child believes
They can hold a star in their hand
And all dreams of unicorns
And fairies are gone,
Replaced by nightmares
When the world turns
Simply because it has to
And not because it wants to
Or stops because it’s tired
instead of wanting to see what will happen
When there is no heaven or hell,
Only death.
When the flowers wilt
With fear of winter
When the rainfall isn’t a lullaby
When snow is no longer
a blanket of cotton candy,
only frozen water
When all is conventional
When all is simply the way it should be
Is when the artist dies

— Mary Frances Gallagher (age 13)Student since age 8 at Write from the Heart


The Force
Today I feel like I could run forever, never breaking pace
Stand my ground against an army
With my arms crossed in defiance
Walk across burning coals
And my feet would get frostbite.

I could take life by the shirt collar and yell,
“Shut up.  I own you.”
I feel like a brick wall on wheels,
Conquering anything in my path.

War in the world?
A snap of my fingers—it’s over.
Peace on Earth?  No problem.
A flex of my index finger—
Crime, what crime?

I am the immovable force that confidently
Strides through life.
I am Patrick.

— Patrick Miller, Write From The Heart Student, Age 13

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