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Giving Back:  Sam and Cindy Guo

FINDING THAT SWEET SPOT where your passions collide and channeling that into your way of life is something to which most people aspire. Through Silantra Asian Street Kitchen, Sam and Cindy Guo have accomplished just that.

Their two passions, food and philanthropy, come together and bring joy and connection to everyone who walks through their doors at 101 East King Street. An energetic and genuine couple, Sam and Cindy take pride in making an impact on their customers and their community. Their drive and zeal for life and business is propelled by the simple concept of “Do Good, Feel Good, Eat Good, Live Good.”

Their initial dream was brought to life in the form of their Asian fusion eatery.The vision was to bring healthy, quality, local, hormone-free ingredients into customizable wraps and bowls that are as light and fresh as they are delicious.

Sam and Cindy's mission to feed people well grew into a drive to give back to their community. The idea was born to donate their tips to a worthy cause, and now each month the couple donates all of their tips to a non-profit that is making a difference in the lives of others. Since opening a year and a half ago, Silantra has donated about $14,500 to charities like Power Packs, Water Street Mission, and 2 Seconds or Less, and they plan to keep giving. Sam and Cindy are passionate about what they do. They have a drive to pour who they are and what they believe into their restaurant, their work, their customers, and their community. “We love the connection we feel to our customers and they love feeling connected to giving back!”

Want to be a part of eating good and doing good at the same time? Sam says getting people through the door for the first time is the first step. “Just try it. Once you do, we know your body and your soul will thank you and you’ll be back.”

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