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    Beat the Heat with These Cool Cocktails

    August has arrived and with it comes blazing sunshine and a sizzling heatwave. The cure? Delicious beverages, of course!


    Here are three local cocktails to help beat the heat this summer.

    When we think of a seasonal cocktail we think of this Summer Pimm’s from Aussie and the Fox. With fresh fruits, mint, and cucumber, this drink is a delicious mix of pure refreshment. Plus it’s gorgeous and totally ready for your next Instagram post.


    Pictured Above: Summer Pimm’s — Pim’s No. 1 liqueur, cucumber, strawberries, lemon, mint, Seagrams, and gingerale

    You can’t get much better than a drink that’s basically a refreshing popsicle for adults, right? This Orange Crushtini from the Cork & Cap Restaurantis the perfect blend of chill and charm–and it tastes absolutely delicious.


    Pictured Above: Orange Crushtini — orange vodka, cointreau, simple syrup, lemon juice, and an orange wedge

    The Irish Peach from Annie Bailey’s summer menu is part of the Lancaster Central Market Cocktails campaign – specialty cocktails featuring ingredients sourced from Central Market. It’s sweet, sun-kissed, and perfect for quenching your summer thirst.


    Pictured Above: The Irish Peach — Fig-infused Jameson Black Barrel Irish whiskey, rounded out with port wine, Market-fresh peach puree, lemon juice, tea bitters, and sparkling wine