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    Meet Fig Contributor Adina McAllister

    We are so excited to welcome local expert Adina McAllister to the team as a Fig Contributor! You may recognize her from her past blogs reviewing the new and exciting Fulton shows. She will be writing feature blogs for Fig Lancaster online. We recently asked Adina some questions to help us introduce her to you. Look out for her writings, reviews, and blogs here on 

    What do you love about your area?
    I love the variety in Lancaster. The variety of people, food, art, music, everything. 


    What is your favorite local restaurant? Favorite museum, landmark, place to visit?
    This is a very difficult question to answer. My favorite restaurants are tied between Horse Inn and Checkers Bistro. I adore the full service teas La Petite Patisserie holds in various locations. I love theater. Fulton and Prima always provide phenomenal shows. They are my favorite places to visit.


    Why do you like writing for Fig?
    I love what Fig promotes; love for a city, its people, its businesses, its culture.


    Where can we find you on a Friday night? Or on a Saturday?
    If I’m not traveling, I’m usually at Molly’s, the Friendly Greek, or Tellus360. 


    What’s your dream day in your location?
    Going for brunch at Aussie and the Fox, relaxing and reading a book in Musser Park, dinner and drinks at Horse Inn, and dancing the night away at Tellus360 with DJ Edge.


    How long have you lived in your area?
    Five years!


    Who would play you in the movie version of your life?
    Natalie Portman.


    What do you feel you bring to Fig as a local expert?
    I’ve participated in community theater and have always loved theater. When I experience a play, I notice all the backstage magic that is occurring. There are so many people involved. I feel I truly appreciate the efforts of everyone. 


    What’s a fun, unique talent you possess?
    I am an artist at heart. I draw when I can. Never really enough. It’s a talent not everyone knows I have.