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    Meet Fig Contributor Kim Nguyen

    We are so excited to welcome local expert Kim Nguyen to the team as a Fig Contributor! She will be writing feature blogs for Fig Lancaster online. You may know Kim from her Instagram @lnc_eats. We recently asked Kim some questions to help us introduce her to you. Look out for her writings, reviews, and blogs here on

    What do you love about your area?

    I love that we are surrounded by so much greenery! I also love that everything I need is 5-15 minutes away!


    What is your favorite local restaurant? Favorite museum, landmark, place to visit?

    My favorite local restaurant is a tad difficult to answer. Being a foodie I love all foods, so it depends on what I am in the mood for. However, this past year I often find myself at Rice & Noodles/Sprout, LUCA, Commonwealth on Queen/Kitchen & Cafe, and Horse Inn.


    Why do you like writing for Fig?

    I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m just in it for the launch parties! Fig throws the best parties! There’s always delicious food! Plus the opportunity to network at the events has helped me become more confident and less shy around people I don’t know.


    Where can we find you on a Friday night? Or on a Saturday?

    Friday night I’m probably making pizza with my family or ordering takeout. Saturday nights I’m usually out and about downtown!


    What’s your dream day in your location?

    My dream day would have to consist of cloudy, breezy, non-humid weather! My day would start out with a strong early morning workout at Fit Studio or Move It Studio. Then, I would have an hour of quiet time with a Matcha at Passenger. After that, I’d have breakfast at Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe. I’ll walk off the breakfast by exploring downtown with my family and later make a stop at Sprout for lunch. It would also be nice to go hang out at Kitchen Kettle Village while munching on their fresh hot, soft, and chewy pretzels! Then, I’d go home and take a long uninterrupted nap before going to dinner at LUCA, dessert at The Pressroom, and finally finish the day with a late evening visit to Horse Inn. Wow. I can’t believe I just said all that… now I am determined to make this happen!


    How long have you lived in your area?

    My entire life, 31 years!


    Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

    Alyson Hannigan. Her role as Lily in How I Met Your Mother is exactly like me! I swear every episode my husband turns to me and comments “that’s something you would do/say.”



    What do you feel you bring to Fig as a local expert?

    I hope I bring excitement to the food scene! I have always been a foodie, I eat more than most people I know, so when I share my experiences, my tummy is really doing the talking!


    What’s a fun, unique talent you possess?

    Party-planning! I can plan an entire event within hours. I have an obsession with organizing, delegating, monthly/weekly planners, ultra-fine point sharpie pens… it’s my addiction. If you tell me you need help planning an event, by the end of the night you’ll get an email from me with pages of plans.