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    Cookie Dough Dreams

    Brace yourself. That cookie dough you licked off the mixer is going to have some competition. There’s a cookie dough shop opening soon in Lancaster!!


    When I first met Taylor Glessner (creator and owner) to interview her for this article, the first thing she said to me was “I’m a hugger.” I immediately knew she was a someone who had a joyful and warm heart. Getting to know her was fun and taste testing her cookie dough was a delicious experience!

    Taylor Glessner (creator and owner) of Dough & Co. posing with the soon-to-be storefront!

    Fig: What would you like people to know about you?


    Taylor: I grew up five minutes away from Shady Maple and now I live right outside the city. I traveled for a year after high school while figuring out what to with my future. I joined the One Life program which allowed me to get college credits while doing mission work. I also do photography almost every weekend. I love meeting people and learning about them and capturing their special moments.


    Fig: What inspired you to open a cookie dough shop?


    Taylor: To make the long story short, I was pretty much almost full time in photography and was also a barista. Growing up I was surrounded by businesses so it wasn’t on my radar to do the same. I wanted to stick with my creative jobs. An opportunity came up to do an entrepreneurship program through One Life. I felt like it was a cool opportunity, but still felt it wasn’t for me. Somehow it kept coming up and this business was like my Nineveh. I took a week and prayed through it all and God made it known that I should go to this business program. I was the creative, edgy, not-polished oddball at the program. It was a difficult time, but I kept going. The founder of program found out about a cookie dough business in NYC, and suggested I give it a try. I did a bunch of research and came up with a lot of recipes. I decided to go gluten free because it’s what I prefer, even though I don’t have celiac; but I do have a friend who does so that’s another reason why I wanted to do it. I’m at a beautiful spot with not knowing everything, but God has provided everything for me from the the investors to the location. I feel like I’ve been watching God do things and I’ve been working hard at where he leads me.

    LEFT: S'mores flavor. RIGHT: Local ingredients, fresh flavors, and more, make each cookie dough option unique.

    Fig: What makes your cookie dough unique?


    Taylor: Other than being gluten free, all of the ingredients are local, organic, and some fair trade. Compared to other cookie doughs, I feel mine is a bit lighter so you are able to enjoy more of it.


    Fig: What flavors do you personally love?


    Taylor: I love our s’mores, but my absolute favorite is our vegan cookie dough.


    Fig: If there are those who are afraid to try it because of it being raw, what safety assurances do you have?


    Taylor: There are no eggs in our cookie dough, so our products are safe.

    A photo of a delicious option coming soon at Dough & Co. 

    Taylor hopes to open Dough and Co. by the end of September! Be sure to keep a look out because in addition to her delicious cookie dough, she also plans on offering milk, coffee, and more. She even plans to play on the cookie dough idea by creating items such as cookie dough shakes!


    Dough and Co

    46 N Prince Street

    Lancaster, PA 17601