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    No tricks here! Local treats for your Halloween celebration

    “Give me all the candy!” – A quote by me. That I use every single day.


    I never need an excuse to indulge in the sweet treats. I can’t help it. I have two large drawers at home full of a ridiculous assortment of all-things-sugar. Chocolate, sour gummies, baked goods…  I try to tell myself that this sugary-sweet collection is just for visitors and special occasions but let’s be honest—they are for exactly any moment I’m home.


    Lancaster has some of the best places for sweets and I happily indulge my sweet tooth daily. And for Halloween, this community has some of the greatest candy shops and desserts to make your celebration truly tantalizing.


    Here are 5 spots to hit up for your Halloween party spread.



    Sweet Legacy Gourmet


    Offerings: Cookies, brittle, candy, chocolate-covered goodies, and delicious popcorn. Need we say more?


    Perfect for: Your epic Halloween party. Or grab the popcorn for your spooky Halloween movie marathon!

    Miesse Candies


    Offerings: Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! It’s homemade and 100% delicious.


    Perfect for: Your party, of course. Or a candy dish for visitors coming over during this upcoming holiday season.


    The Baker’s Table 


    Offerings: Premium candy, cookies, baked goods, cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, desserts, and homemade treats. And don’t forget a coffee while you’re there!


    Perfect for: Dessert! During your scary celebrations, you need some sweet treats to end any savory meal.

    Lancaster Cupcake


    Offerings: Cupcakes in an assortment of seasonal flavors, ice cream cupcake sandwiches, mini cupcakes, cakes, and more.


    Perfect for: All of the celebrating. We can’t get enough of the wacky, decadent, and delicious cupcake flavors perfect for your event.

    The Spice & Tea Exchange of Lancaster


    Offerings: Spices and teas of course, but the sugar is the super sweet stuff! All sorts of flavors range from Rose Sugar and Dark Cocoa Sugar, to Salted Caramel Sugar and Pumpkin Pie Sugar.


    Perfect for: Use in cookie-baking or for coating the rim of martini glasses for your favorite seasonal drink.