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    Inspiring Happy Dances by Shopping Local

    “When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.”


    Coming across this anonymous quote made me smile and reflect on my recent shopping trips to local small businesses. While I’ve never seen any of the owners do a happy dance, I’m pretty sure it happens. I’ve detected such a joyful energy in their helpfulness and their friendliness that I’m confident that each one is thankful for my business to the point that some probably do a happy dance as I walk out the door with my purchases.


    Always wanting to bring more joy to others, I started wondering how to increase the number of happy dances in Lancaster this year. Actually, the answer is quite simple: consumers can DOUBLE the happy dances by purchasing more Lancaster-made products from Lancaster merchants. I love envisioning both local business owners and local makers doing happy dances each time a purchase is made. As you are leaving local stores carrying shopping bags, start peeking over your shoulder. Hopefully, you’ll catch a glimpse of a happy dance in progress.


    When making your shopping choices during the holidays and throughout the entire year, just imagine how many local happy dances you could inspire by purchasing Lancaster-made items from Lancaster merchants.


    Many downtown retail shops pride themselves on promoting local makers and micro-businesses. With thousands of Lancaster-made products located in businesses throughout the city, it’s easy to find special gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

    LEFT: Soft Leather Baby Shoes. Local Merchant: My Aunt Debbie. Local Maker: Wee Sprout Designs. RIGHT: Leather Belts, Wallets, & Journals. Local Merchant:  Ellicott & Co. Local Maker:  Black Bear Leather.

    LEFT: Handcrafted Handbags. Local Merchant: Festoon. Local Maker: J. Almodovar. RIGHT: Handwoven Scarves. Local Merchant: Sophie Stargazer. Boutique Local Maker: Amber Kane 

    Slim Table Lamp. Local Merchant: My Aunt Debbie. Local Maker: Get Low Illumination. 

    LEFT: Wood Kitchen Utensils. Local Merchant: Building Character. Local Maker: Handmade by Kanga. MIDDLE: Classic Vinyl Coasters. Local Merchant: Madcap & Co. Local Maker: Jenny Walker. RIGHT: Dog Sweater & Dog Care Products. Local Merchant: Festoon. Local Makers: Felt Crazy & Restoration Spa.