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    Happy Thanksgiving! – Love, Fig

    There is much to love about Lancaster City. At Fig, we are thankful to be part of a community that is consistently looking to cultivate, change, enrich, and transform the City for the better. Whether it’s supporting the movement of a nonprofit or enjoying the opening of a new cafe, we are thankful we have the opportunity to be part of this growing culture happening all around us.


    Our team in Lancaster shared some specific notes on why they are thankful for this great City.


    Deborah Brandt – Creative Director & Owner

    “I am thankful for the amazingly philanthropic and community-minded people who live here. This is a truly special place.”


    Kelly McAllister – Client Relationship Manager

    “I am thankful that it’s a walkable City, with an array of cultural experiences.”


    Erin Cusak – Creative Production Manager

    “I am thankful that, even when the weather is cooler, people are still out and about taking advantage of all that Lancaster City has to offer.”


    Susan Bowser – Social Engagement Manager 

    “I am thankful for all of the wonderful local restaurants and coffee shops. I love exploring Lancaster’s vibrant and varied restaurant scene.”


    Tony Gorick – Digital Content Manager

    “I am thankful for the amazing organizations working to transform the Lancaster community. There are so many nonprofits with inspiring causes.”


    Josh Seibert – Senior Designer

    “I am thankful for destinations around us like Central Market and Fulton Theatre.”


    Jacobo Sanchez – Senior Designer

    “I am thankful because wherever I go in the community, I can see life happening.”


    Ian Berg – Senior Designer

    “I am thankful for the close proximity to the Lancaster County Park system.”


    Karlo Gesner – Photographer

    “I am thankful for the active and vibrant creative community in Lancaster. It’s a constant source of camaraderie and inspiration.”


    Matt Brandt – Chief Financial Officer

    “I am thankful for many things about the City of Lancaster. Most of all, I’m thankful to call it home.”


    Kay Schultz – Photography Intern

    “I am thankful for the Beau’s Dream Dog Park–where I go to meet cute dogs and enjoy the the community.”


    Patrick Foley – Design Intern

    “I am thankful for a home to create in. Going to school in Lancaster City is an exciting journey that feeds my creativity.”



    Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Fig. 

    The Fig team

    The team celebrated Figsgiving this year

    We love celebrating together!