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    So this Mint Oreo Grinch Mega Cake Shake…

    By Tony Gorick – Digital Content Manager at Fig Industries



    Lancaster Cupcake has done it again.


    I was doing my usual perusing of all-things-sugar on Instagram, and lo and behold this majestic cake shake appeared. I looked once…twice…three times.


    This Mint Oreo Grinch Mega Cake Shake: I. needed. it.


    In a whirlwind of excitement and holiday cheer, I rushed down to the shop on Orange Street to grab one of these desserts for myself.

    LEFT: The mammoth milkshake. RIGHT: Me trying this epic creation. 

    After waiting for it to be perfectly-crafted with each tiny sprinkle and dollop of icing, I indulged.


    My play-by-play recap:


    1) I order the treat. And attempt to wait patiently.


    2) A cupcake on top AND a milkshake?! #ForgetLunch #ThisIsLunch


    2) I try it. The mint shake with the peppermint cupcake on top is pure holiday bliss. It isn’t December yet but Christmas is here! *Sugar plums dance around my head*


    3) I must be a celebrity—everyone keeps staring as I walk back to work. Nope, they just want to know where this treat was purchased. I kindly point in the direction of Lancaster Cupcake (still hoping they wanted my autograph but, alas, they do not).


    4) This cup is giant and full of everything I love: sugar, ice cream, icing, sprinkles, and crunchy peppermint candies. Also Christmas fun. It’s quite full of Christmas fun.


    5) I finish it. And it was incredible. Now, with empty mug in hand, I am ready to take on the holiday season.

    LEFT: Just me, an empty alley, and a milkshake. I am happy. RIGHT: One more shot of this beauty. 

    You have to try one for yourself. Follow Lancaster Cupcake on Facebook and Instagram to get updates, plus check out for store hours and more info on this delicious mega shake!