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    Make This Your Someday Year

    January is the month for setting goals and looking to the future. And, thanks to the popular 2007 movie “The Bucket List,” creating a list of life goals and dreams has become increasingly popular as well.


    In addition to my own Bucket List of major life adventures, I also keep a lengthy Someday List which consists of easy-to-accomplish local adventures and excursions. This list was created as a way to remember the restaurants, businesses, and annual events that people would excitedly recommend after discovering my status as a recent transplant. After creating my Someday List, I started noticing that I often heard other people utter comments such as: “Someday, we should meet for brunch.” Or “We haven’t been to Sunday music at Long’s Park for the last few years; I’d like to go again someday.” Or “Someday we should try that new restaurant.”


    Why someday?  Why not today, this week, this month? What are some things you’ve thought about doing someday? Time to start making plans. Join me in making this a Someday Year.


    Someday… I want to attend another workshop class at The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.


    Recently, my desire to take a PA Guild class was somewhat fulfilled when I took their copper-leaf wreath class, but I left it on my Someday List because I enjoyed it so much that someday soon I want to sign up for another workshop.

    Someday . . . I want to attend a studio series play at the Fulton Theater.


    When people learn that I regularly attend plays at the Fulton, they often follow up with one question: “Have you ever attended one of the studio series plays upstairs?” My reply is always the same: “No, but I’ve heard great things about the studio series and want to go someday — it’s on my Someday List.”  Having recently purchased tickets for the upcoming studio series play “The Irish and How They Got That Way,” I’m excited that this item has now migrated from my Someday List to my calendar!

    Someday . . . I want to go to The North Museum of Nature & Science.


    Since moving to Lancaster, I’ve been to several museums in the county — and I’ve even taken time to explore The North Museum website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Each time I walk by on my way to Buchanan Park, I think about wanting to go there . . . someday.  North Museum, you are currently at the very top of my Someday List. See you soon.