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    I Found My Best Buddy At The Humane League

    There I was, pulling in the parking lot of the Humane League of Lancaster knowing I was moments away from meeting a best buddy.


    Being a pet-lover since birth (though admittedly most of mine were of the scaly, slithering, reptilian kind), I always enjoyed animals. When I was still very little I’d draw extremely detailed pictures of elephants and giraffes and was pretty terrible at drawing people (so much so my parents were a little concerned I just didn’t care much about people… but thankfully, that is false).


    All this to say—I absolutely adore animals.


    I was excited when Fig Lancaster and the Humane League of Lancaster decided to partner this year to bring the community interesting articles and adorable photos that will be featured in the Fig Lancaster print magazines and on

    The Humane League of Lancaster County, right off of Route 30 in Lancaster.

    The Humane League of Lancaster is part of Humane Pennsylvania, the region’s largest partnership of animal welfare organizations—combining the effort and resources of open access and adoption guarantee animal shelters, adoption centers, nonprofit veterinary hospitals & clinics, equine rescue, emergency animal services, animal welfare services, animal charity foundations, and more.


    If I was going to be featuring this great organization, it only seemed right to experience it myself! I frequented the adoption website for weeks—then, a week ago, I decided it was time to take the plunge!


    I drove to the Humane League, parked my car, and walked through the doors at the adoption center.

    LEFT: Squigs. RIGHT: Ready to go home. 

    That’s when I saw him—the little black kitten with bat ears and fuzzy hair, looking at me with his tiny dark eyes.


    I was in love.


    His name was Squiggles, and he was going to be my new best buddy. The volunteers at the adoption center let me hold him and cuddle—to make sure we were a perfect match! He was warm and fuzzy, and purred his way into my heart.


    After signing the paperwork, getting a little kitty carrier, and making sure I had enough treats and toys for the little guy, he was ready to move to his new home on Orange Street with me!

    LEFT: Ready to pounce! RIGHT: Best buds. 

    He is now adjusting to his new space and absolutely loves running around, playing with his tiny toy pineapple, and cuddling the evening away. I often hear him squealing with excitement as he explores all the different corners and spaces in his new home.


    It was the best decision I made—a friendship I am so thankful to have!


    If you are interested in finding your best buddy, don’t hesitate to check out Humane League of Lancaster! There are many cats, dogs, and other critters in need of adoption. The staff is super friendly and will help you discover your new friend in no time.


    Check out the website for up-to-date listings of adorable adoptable critters, learn more about how you can make an impact through donation and volunteering, and browse the upcoming events.

    Squigs, on the prowl.