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    Behind The Scenes Of Fall 2018 Fig Lancaster Cover Shoot

    A lot of work goes into developing the perfect cover for each Fig magazine.


    Check out the below behind-the-scenes snapshots and timelapse video from our most recent Fig Lancaster Fall Arts & Culture issue!

    1) Behind The Scenes Snapshots


    A Fig cover shoot takes a lot of planning and a precise design. Each cover is developed along with the concept of the issue, ensuring that there is a cohesive theme throughout the book. For the 2018 Fig Lancaster Fall Arts & Culture issue, the Fig team wanted the cover to feature a local artist and a pop of color.


    Artist Jennifer Quigley has been expressing herself through her art in Nashville, Detroit, and now Lancaster City, where she lives and creates. She is featured on the cover of 2018 Fig Lancaster Fall Arts & Culture issue, along with a new painting created just for the issue.

    2) Timelapse Video


    Watch as artist Jennifer Quigley creates the cover painting from start to finish!



    3) The Final Cover


    Meet even more artists in our featured spotlight guide and learn about the amazing work happening in Lancaster City to enrich the arts and culture scene.


    Follow more work by Jennifer on her artist Instagram: @quigley622.