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    Inspire Series: Anita’s on Walnut

    “If you had told me 10 years ago that I would have a whole business built on my biscotti, I would not have believed you. But I love it! I’m where I need to be to give to others.”

    Ask Anita how she got from stay-at-home mom baking pastries to a bakery, a café, and wholesale accounts, and she shrugs with a twinkle in her brown eyes: “the doors just kept opening in front of me!” She says her favorite job is parenting, but as her children began to launch, she got a “bit bored” and said yes to making biscotti for a nearby bakery. Soon she was considering an empty café space on Walnut Street. Gifts and support confirmed that it was meant to be.

    Photos from @anitasonwalnut on Instagram

    Anita feels she is meant to be helping her customers and creating jobs for her employees—gifts to the city around her. Anita is passionate about the hands-on side of her business: getting her hands in dough, serving customers, giving away biscotti, and chuckling at the Anitas who seek out her biscotti at trade shows because their name is Anita, too. Anita relies on insights from her SCORE mentor Larry to help smooth out business financial tangles and wonders what door will open next. Regardless, Anita’s daily motto that guides her business and decisions is “What can I do for someone today?”