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    Making Great Things Happen…Together!

    While most of us have spent the past many weeks at home, we thought this would be a good time to learn about good trash habits so we can keep our community clean AND protect the environment. Lucky for us, we have an incredible community asset called LCSWMA (Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority) to guide us as we navigate the rules around proper trash disposal and recycling to keep our community healthy.


    Managing around 1 million tons of solid waste annually, LCSWMA is working hard to protect people and the environment, while also extracting value from waste to benefit our community. They’re a regional example of success for preserving the land and using waste to generate renewable energy to power homes and businesses in Lancaster County.


    Get to know LCSWMA and the good work they do to enhance the livability of our community.

    Who is LCSWMA?
    LCSWMA is an organization centered on people-those they employ and those they serve. Their purpose is to protect those people, along with our beautiful environment. The way they serve and protect people is something they have great pride in—an award-winning Integrated system that preserves land by minimizing waste to be landfilled, generates renewable energy, and creates opportunities to improve the places where we live, work, and play.
    While the “what” of their work is most evident—like managing around 1M tons of solid waste annually and powering the equivalent of 1 in 5 area homes with trash—these things are only possible thanks to the dedication and hard work of their employees and in partnership with the great people of Lancaster and Dauphin Counties.


    Serving Others
    Working in the solid waste industry isn’t glamorous. It’s a hard and dirty job. The LCSWMA staff leans into this challenge with purpose and enthusiasm. They take immense satisfaction in their responsibility to protect and serve others. For these reasons, they put safety as a top priority at LCSWMA—both protecting people and the environment. They also celebrate the generous hearts of their staff who believe in contributing to a better, vibrant community. And they make space to have some fun too.

    (Check out their how they serve others and create fun up cycling opportunities on their social feeds @lcswmapa)

    Protecting the Environment
    LCSWMA works hard to uphold the values of the people they serve. And in the Susquehanna Valley, they take their role of protecting and preserving land seriously by employing a system that minimizes waste to be landfilled and contributes to a sustainable community through creating green energy and extracting value from the waste. They call this their “Integrated System” that includes recycling and household hazardous waste disposal, waste transfer, waste-to-energy processing, and (lastly) landfill disposal.

    Find out more about this system at


    Loving the Community
    There is a special sense of community present in Lancaster. LCSWMA shares a love and appreciation for the people, heritage, and culture in this region. They enjoy giving back to the people, businesses, and organizations they serve-it’s one of the many ways they work together to make great things happen.

    (See the team in action at their community days and educational events. They have also supported numerous organizations and projects that lead to a fuller, more engaged community.)


    Join the Mission
    Discover more about LCSWMA at or share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback on their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


    And don’t forget to recycle!


    Lancaster County is leading the way and LCSWMA
    has developed an innovative solution to ensure
    recycling remains sustainable and will have positive
    environmental, fiscal, and social impacts for our
    community. You can help by learning how to
    RECYCLE RIGHT with the Big 4, along with being
    smart consumers by purchasing products made
    from recycled material.


    1. Corrugated Cardboard
    2. Plastic Bottles & Jugs with Necks
    3. Metal Food & Beverage Cans
    4. Glass Jars & Bottles

    To learn more about the recycling lifecycle
    and how to RECYCLE RIGHT with the Big 4,