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    Fresh Face: Beer Wall on Prince

    Meet the Beer Guys: Josh Stenchever, general manager; Josue Matos, owner; and Benjamin Hinkel, executive chef. Each person brings unique skills and experience to the team.


    The self-service beer concept is relatively new to Pennsylvania. Matos was instrumental in brainstorming its introduction. His creative vision stemmed from a project he worked on in college. In April 2019, with the launch of Beer Wall on Penn in West Reading, Matos brought self-service beer to life.


    While Beer Wall’s success in Reading helped lay the foundation for its Lancaster location, the team had other reasons for expanding.


    “Lancaster was purely a moment of luck and opportunity.” Says Stenchever. A friend that worked in the previous POUR building let the team know the space was available. Upon touring the 114 North Prince Street space during the fall of 2019, the team was convinced to open their second location.


    “The Beer Wall team had loved visiting Downtown Lancaster for the many incredible shops and restaurants.”


    In the age of masks and social distancing, the team acknowledged that Beer Wall’s Lancaster opening was negatively impacted early last year. With plans to originally open in March, they were forced to delay their Lancaster debut until mid-November. Fortunately, Beer Wall on Prince was able to navigate the turbulence, taking the necessary precautions to allow them to properly open.


    Beer Wall on Prince currently offers a 28-tap selection of self-service beer. The taps are accessed by patrons via a card that monitors the volume of dispensed beer. Patron-accessible sanitizing stations are set up near the dispensers, adhering to safety protocols.


    A lot of thought has gone into the implementation of self-service technology. It’s a system that
    makes craft beer experiences fun and interactive without sacrificing customer service.

    To supplement its robust self-service lineup, Beer Wall on Prince also offers a full beverage menu consisting of wines, cocktails, and other specialty drinks. Its food menu features entrees and other complementary gastropub staples.


    Beer Wall on Prince has something for everyone. “Our mission is to always offer a great beer and drink selection, excellent food, and fantastic service. We are truly grateful for the friends, regulars and, most importantly, our staff at both locations for their continuous hard work and dedication that got us through the worst of times last year.”


    To keep up with all happenings related to Beer Wall’s Reading and Lancaster locations, visit their website ( You can also check them out on Instagram (beerwallonpenn) and Facebook.