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    Fresh Face: Blade and Spade

    It’s important to Alyssa Miller that she state her pronouns and acknowledge her residence on Susquehannock land when you meet her—and both of these declarations directly echo the unflappable ethos she built Blade and Spade upon. This coffee apothecary and community gathering space, which once came to her years ago in a vision, is way more than just a café and eatery. It’s a highly intentional collective that invites every customer to consider their connection to the earth—and how, through it, they can heal themselves and their communities.


    Alyssa started working with plant medicine while living on the west coast. Her “aha” moment happened the night after she and a friend foraged for chanterelle mushrooms. She explains, “Something radically shifted in me. I had this realization that I’m here to reconnect people with the earth through the art of wild and medicinal foods.”


    Alyssa would go on to explore herbalism and serve as a birth doula through her practice Sentient Sisterhood. But as the years passed, her ultimate calling of opening up a wellness cafe became louder and louder—until finally, it all came to fruition, right here in Lancaster.

    There’s not a single element of Blade and Spade that is not infused with intention. The scratch-made menu boasts house-made hemp mylk, ghee-slathered goodies, and ingredients sourced from familiar local artisans. An active in-house sustainability initiative reduces plastic use and composts waste to be used at local farms. Alyssa digs deep to ensure that not an inch of the space goes untouched by her mission to heal others through a balanced blend of magic and groundedness. And as if that’s not selfless enough, she cites her team as being the most crucial component to her success.


    “A ship is nothing without the crew,” Alyssa declares, mentioning each of her team members by name and their unique importance: Madi, Jeanette, Illiana, Siena, and Hope. Indeed, Blade and Spade is already fostering a restorative community within, which has undeniably made it a hub for Lancaster’s wellness revolution.


    Follow Blade and Spade on instagram (@bladeandspade) to view their rotating weekly menus, or visit the bewitching space for yourself at 401 West Walnut Street.