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    Fresh Face: Good Life Organic Kitchen

    The wellness revolution has arrived in Lancaster, and Good Life Organic Kitchen is now at its center. Surrounded by multiple walking-distance yoga and pilates spaces—even sharing an address with the new boutique fitness studio, Longevity Lancaster—this superfood bar and juicery is fulfilling a major need for both long-time health nuts and wellness newcomers alike: genuinely healthful, mindfully-prepared meals.


    “I hear all the time that people don’t have another option like this downtown,” says Andy Gibson, owner and operator of Good Life’s first location on the 300 Block of Queen Street.


    But the draw isn’t just their ultra nutritious menu, which features non-GMO, organic ingredients in smoothie bowls, salads, sandwiches, and even coffee alternatives. Equally appreciated by customers is the company’s commitment to locally sourced produce, eco-friendly business practices, and an emphasis on giving back to Lancastrians.

    It was important to Eric Meyer, CEO of Good Life, that these missions were at the heart and soul of the business. He notes that while there are multiple franchise locations across Pennsylvania, the company is uniquely structured to put the power in the hands of their local owners. “We encourage them to be as proactive as possible in their communities,” he explains, adding that Andy is given total control over sourcing ingredients and choosing where to funnel extra profits charitably.


    An example of this is the “GoodLife Gives Back” foundation, which reinvests corporate revenue back into its local franchisee markets. The City of Lancaster Fire Department will be the beneficiary of GoodLife Gives Back of the 2nd quarter of 2021. “We want to show our customers that by supporting us, you are supporting the community. Those dollars you spend are not just leaving; they’re getting reinvested back into the city itself,” says Eric.


    This integrity and passion for good has shone through Andy and the Good Life team since its opening in October 2020, and because of that, the neighborhood has welcomed them with open arms.


    “I’m enjoying my time down here, working with these folks on the 300 block,” says Andy. “We’re grateful for the support the community has shown us, and look forward to returning the favor.”


    Get delicious superfood-packed goodies at Good Life Organic Kitchen on the corner of Queen and Walnut street. View their full menu at