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    Fresh Face: Kinfolk Boutique

    Kinfolk Boutique is bringing some much-needed color to the stark palette of minimalism. Devon Brady, a local artist, and entrepreneur, successfully married her art, advocacy, and Afro-centric fashion passions with a stunning new jewelry collection. “The idea of minimalism is focusing on what matters. I wanted to take the inspiration from African culture, the symbolism that comes from the diaspora, and hone in on that.”


    With The Mahogany Collection, Devon is educating everyone about the endless beauty in African cultures around the world.


    The Wangari Drop Stud Earrings are simplistic perfection and inspired by Kenyan environmentalist Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai.

    The warmth and familial legacy of her culture are what Devon would like to offer to everyone who interacts with her work. A large part of the Black community is fictive kinship: people that are not necessarily related by blood but are family because of the love and support they share. “Kinfolk is a name that we claimed, and I wanted [the brand] to mirror my value for family and deep, strong ties in relationships.” Anyone can be a part of the Kinfolk community as long as they are willing to love and support Black people.


    Kinfolk Boutique is a brand with a unique aesthetic and clear message. Do everything in love. “My goal is to share my heart, my love for people, my love for God, and my love for creating. I love Lancaster City. I love the culture that is present here, and I am vested in this community one hundred percent.” Devon is putting love into every piece that she creates, making her customers feel like they’re part of the family.


    Visit to shop the latest collection and follow Devon on Instagram: @kinfolkminimalist.