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    Fresh Face: Hempfield Apothecary

    Hempfield Botanicals is bringing its unique approach to plant-based medicine into the spotlight with a new wellness space, Hempfield Apothecary, on the corner of Prince and Walnut streets.


    Co-owners Heather and Nathan Kreider are excited to usher the business into a new era by opening the doors to a new retail location and wellness center, The Wellness Hub at Hempfield Apothecary.


    The Hub will be a space for education on the uses and benefits of cannabis. Through hands-on learning, patrons will have access to workshops that address mental health issues in the community, restorative yoga practices, art therapy, and more.


    “[We want] to offer a space people can come to that’s not your typical head shop. That’s not what we are,” Heather, a registered nurse and card holder herself, said. “We’re open and willing to explain the ins and outs, the science behind it. I want others to understand you can be a functioning human being, a very positive influence in the local community and worldwide, and still be a cannabis user.”


    The Hempfield team is fueled by the idea that their methods of wellness could improve the quality of life for the people who purchase their products. When they receive a testimonial from someone who has experienced relief, the staff even gather to read it in their morning huddles.


    “Our team knows what they’re doing here makes a huge impact on others’ lives,” Heather said. “It is the most gratifying [and] fulfilling thing I could ever expect from a business.”


    In addition to being Hempfield Botanical’s new manufacturing site, Hempfield Apothecary will stock the brand’s health and wellness products including CBD oils, skincare products, and topicals.


    Hempfield Apothecary will also offer therapeutic and educational opportunities for the Lancaster community, like one-on-one medical marijuana consultations and support groups, and the second floor will be home to a demo kitchen for cannabis cooking classes.


    “I think the world needs to better understand the benefits of cannabis,” Heather said, and she’s determined to make it happen through this dynamic new space.


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