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    “Something Rotten” is coming to the Fulton Theatre

    As the Fulton Theatre prepares for its 2023/2024 season, have you ever wondered how the magic happens? Here’s an inside look from the Fulton Theatre into how they will get to curtains up for the first show of the new season: Something Rotten, opening September 15.

    Availability | Two years out

    A variety of licensing companies own the rights to the productions seen at the Fulton. Our first question: Is it available for us to produce in 2023?



    Artwork | One year out

    We partner with local design team, Kinectiv, to design and create artwork unique to each title—making sure it is cohesive in the look for the entire season. Look closely and you might see Easter Eggs for each show. This process takes about six to eight months.



    Design and Creative Team | Six to nine months out

    Once the budget is approved, we start hiring our team—set designers, costume designers, video designers, lighting designers, directors, and choreographers!



    Casting | Four to six months out

    We audition actors both locally and in New York for each production. We hire around 250 guest artists throughout the season. They are with us anywhere from four weeks to three months! The Something Rotten cast will be in Lancaster for seven weeks.



    Rehearsal | Three weeks out

    The cast and crew arrive. The set is being built and painted. Dance steps are being learned. Costume fittings begin. The orchestra starts to rehearse. It’s almost showtime!



    Performance | September 15 is opening night!

    The cast, crew, and Fulton Theatre teams will be ready to welcome you to the first opening night of our 2023/2024 season. Join us for Something Rotten!



    Learn more about the full 2023/2024 season at including the following productions: