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The online Fig calendar is a curated list of community and advertiser events happening in downtown Lancaster.

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    Giving Back: Tru2You

    By connecting the Lancaster City youth to local artists and community leaders, the mentors and coaches Gray and Miller-Shell hope to inspire the next generation to express themselves through art.

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    Fresh Face: DAIS

    The newly formed organization DAIS (Diversity and Inclusion Strategies) exists to build inclusive frameworks for businesses who know that sustainable growth in business and people requires investing in diverse and inclusive environments.

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    Giving Back: Discerning Eye Community Agriculture

    What does the Lancaster local art scene and its urban farming community have in common? Two things: the first is the necessity for organization, advocacy, and education. The second is Hawa Lassanah.

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    Fresh Face: Crowded Kitchen

    Close to the Orange Street entrance of Lancaster Central Market, Drew Moore might be found at the Crowded Kitchen stall replacing kegs or cleaning tap lines. But it’s not beer or cold brew he’s dispensing from these massive casks—it’s fresh-made, premium stock and broth. And he’s the first person in the world to offer it on tap.

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    The Vision Program: Values Inspiring Students In Overcoming Negativity.

    TJ Griffin is a visionary. As a young man growing up in Lancaster with limited resources and opportunities, he began to craft a vision for his own life that seemed at the time, unattainable.

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    Move More, Eat Well, and Feel Your Best in Lancaster City

    When it comes to treating your body well, Lancaster City has you covered! With so many unique and exciting ways to move and eat mindfully, it’s hard to find an excuse ​not​ to. Whatever you prefer, Lancaster’s wellness scene has something just for you. Here’s a list of our favorite spots.

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    Inspire Series: Jannat Beauty Design

    Jannat Veras's unrelenting journey is a heartening tale categorized mostly by one virtue: perseverance. It all began when she was only seventeen years old. After completing most of her high school career in the Dominican Republic, Jannat’s mother made a tough decision to move her entire family to New York City.

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    Eliance Health Solutions: Reshaping What Employer Healthcare Coverage Looks Like at a Local Level

    Imagine how powerful it would be if your wellness plan and your health plan worked together to invest in you? They can with Eliance Health Solutions!

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    Greenfield: A Center for Community

    Community-centric organizations and individuals are increasingly and positively impacting the world where we live, work, learn and play. In Lancaster County, this statement couldn’t be any truer. Greenfield, formerly known as the Greenfield Corporate Center, recently underwent an organizational rebrand and refresh that not only includes an updated logo but an updated calling and purpose.

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    BSSF Local Brew Tour: Columbia Kettle Works

    Every Home Brewer has a romantic notion to turn their hobby into a business,” says Rod Smith, co-owner of Columbia Kettle Works. For Rod and his business partner Bill Collister, that dream became a reality six years ago.

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    Steadfast Commitment to Community

    While the team at LCSWMA recognizes that trash isn’t the first (or maybe even last) thing on your mind these days; thier working hard to ensure that what happens to your waste is something you don’t have to worry about.  

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    Inspire Series: Yelena Korablin Tradition Bread Bakery

    Inspire Series, Yelena Korablin Tradition Bread Bakery: Empowering stories about women who have big ideas and get things done.

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