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    PRiMA’s FIRST DATE: A Review

    Valentine’s Day is upon us! Love is celebrated with dinners, flowers, chocolates, drinks, and gifts. But, where did it all start? Maybe you found love through mutual friends, online, or a chance meeting. No matter what your story is, love began on the first date.


    First Date is a hilarious musical by PRiMA about a couple’s first blind date. Casey (Courtney Daniels) and Aaron (Joshua David Cavanaugh) meet at a restaurant in hopes of finding love. As the date progresses, their inner thoughts are brought to life via family members and friends portrayed by Mikey LoBalsamo and Rori Nogee. Their waiter (Duane Hespell) also helps navigate them towards love. The result is a heart-warming comedy that will continuously make you laugh.


    Casey (Courtney Daniels) is a confident, artistic, modern woman. Throughout the show you can feel her inner conflict of being a strong woman and allowing herself to be vulnerable. My favorite part of the show is her solo Safer. Courtney performs it effortlessly. Her performance gave me goose bumps.


    Aaron (Joshua David Cavanaugh) is a successful, nervous, slightly nerdy man. He is trying to move on after a serious relationship. Joshua is endearing as Aaron. His awkward timing is perfect. That may seem like an odd thing to enjoy but it makes Aaron very relatable.


    Rori Nogee, Mikey LoBalsamo, and Duane Hespell bring countless hilarious moments to the show. Rori portrays the women in Aaron’s life, Casey’s sister, and Google. She is bold and multitalented. She has quick costume changes, tap dances, and sings beautifully. It is difficult for me to pick a favorite of Mikey LoBalsamo’s characters. His comedic timing is fluent and you are drawn to him no matter who is portraying. Duane organizes the chaos as the waiter. He gets to show off his dance and puppeteer skills in some exceptional scenes as well.


    I loved every minute of First Date. If you are looking for a great night out, take your sweetheart to see PRiMA’s First Date. Be part of the show by sitting at one of the tables on the set. First Date is showing February 14th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th. Tickets are available by phone at 717-327-5124 or online at