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    The Women’s Specialty Center at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

    Envision a place specifically designed for women’s health-care needs. A nurturing space where women come first and compassionate experts are right there to offer care for everything from anxiety and osteoporosis to menopause and heart disease. This was Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health’s vision in creating the Women’s Specialty Center, a unique health-care experience just for women. Located in the medical office building at Women & Babies Hospital, the Center features eight specialties—all in one convenient, welcoming suite.   

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    Eliance Health Solutions: Providing Cost-effective, Local Health Plans to Lancaster Businesses

    Many Lancaster businesses are interested in supporting the local community and other local businesses. Even when it comes to health plans, there is a local choice based here in Lancaster. Eliance Health Solutions, a health plan backed by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health that includes LG Health services and other local independent providers in its primary network, provides services that extend beyond traditional health insurance coverage. Eliance works to educate its health plan members on health risks and care options while reducing costs for everyone involved--employers and their employees.

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    Move More, Eat Well, and Feel Your Best in Lancaster City

    When it comes to treating your body well, Lancaster City has you covered! With so many unique and exciting ways to move and eat mindfully, it’s hard to find an excuse ​not​ to. Whatever you prefer, Lancaster’s wellness scene has something just for you. Here’s a list of our favorite spots.

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    Servant Stage: Inspire. Educate. Challenge. Entertain.

    The Servant Stage Company joyfully serves our community by making quality, family-friendly shows easily accessible to everyone with pay-what-you-will performances.

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    Fresh Face: Lancaster Reading Solutions LLC

    The new microSchool launched by Lancaster Reading Solutions is taking a revolutionary approach to education and schooling. With
    an authentically individualized plan for each student, the microSchool is able to empower learners who may have felt like they didn’t “fit” in their former educational surroundings.

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    Fresh Face: Read Rose Books

    Elizabeth Peters and her business partner, Teddy Boucard, have the makings of natural entrepreneurs. Aside from the usual trials and tribulations attached to first-time business ownership, the young couple has managed to weather the most challenging months of 2020, a year mired in uncertainty for many. Fortunately for them, their familiarity with the Lancaster area, coupled with a key local connection, made it all possible.

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    LCSWMA: Tipping Floors and Virtual Tours.

    Wondering what happens to your trash and recycling after it leaves the curb is probably not the most pressing question on your mind. However, realizing that the waste we create doesn’t magically disappear after it’s loaded into the back of a garbage truck is the first step to making informed waste management decisions.

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    Fresh Face: Beer Wall on Prince

    Meet the Beer Guys: Josh Stenchever, general manager; Josue Matos, owner; and Benjamin Hinkel, executive chef. Each person brings unique skills and experience to the team.

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    Fresh Face: Limitless Lancaster, 24 Hour Fitness

    For more than two years , I Am Limitless has brought their unique style of boutique fitness to Lancaster and now they’re expanding to a city location—empowering even more of Lancaster and encouraging them to unlock their limitless potential.

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    Fresh Face: Nourish Salon & Blow Dry Suite

    Markiana Polite became a hair stylist in 2003 but for the last seven years she has been working towards, planning and nurturing a dream for a deeper and more nourishing experience for the women of Lancaster. From this dream, Nourish Salon and Blow Dry Suite was born.

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    Fig Industries: These are a few of our favorite things.

    We are defined by the people who raised us, the places we’ve been, and the hardships we’ve overcome. For our team, we’ve taken a moment to look back on the milestones in our lives that defined who we are as individuals—the small things with big meaning—and we featured some of them on the cover of this issue.

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    Fresh Face: Zen & Fit with Sara

    If you haven't heard of Sara Esh, you will soon enough! Her burgeoning presence as a holistic health coach, barre, and yoga instructor (practicing under her company name, Zen & Fit ) has not only been embraced within Lancaster’s wellness scene,
    but also among the small business community we all know and love.

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