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    Fresh Face: Hempfield Botanicals

    Hempfield Botanicals was founded in Lancaster in 2017 by Heather and Nathan Kreider—a dynamic duo who have a passion for environmental stewardship, healthy living, and community involvement. They’ve been successfully helping people feel and perform their best with their line of products and services for the past 11 years through their founding business Makes Scents and their growing line of cannabinoid products named Hempfield Botanicals.


    What’s next? A brand-new expanded facility in the heart of Lancaster City. Hempfield Botanicals is officially moving into their new downtown location later this year which will include an expansive manufacturing area to boost their production, a bigger retail space for in-person shopping, and a new Wellness space that will focus on education.


    Heather, a Registered Nurse and PA MMJ card holder, knows first-hand how cannabis can help patients live a happier, healthier life, and both Heather and Nathan want to share their expansive knowledge with the community. This includes live cannabis cooking demonstrations and classes on how to use Medical Marijuana safely and effectively for Pennsylvania card holders. Along with Medical Marijuana education, they’ll also be offering stress relief focused meetups led by professionals in counseling, yoga, sound bath therapy, and meditation.


    “The demand is strong for classes to help those impacted by mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. We’re humbled to be able to offer this type of support to our community in Lancaster,” Heather says.


    Hempfield Botanicals’ expanded services will also include MMJ personal shopping and delivery services for Pennsylvania card holders as well as partnerships with PA Options for Wellness and Vytal Options Dispensaries for offering training and further education.


    Be on the lookout for information about the opening of their downtown location at and on their Instagram: @hempfield_bontanicals.