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The online Fig calendar is a curated list of community and advertiser events happening in downtown Lancaster.

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    Fig connects people with local shopping, dining, arts and entertainment, organizations, services, and events. At Fig, we envision a different kind of media message—one that energizes a thriving, sustainable local economy and revitalizes the community.

    Celebrating Earth Day with Lancaster Locals

    Many of our local stores, organizations, and shops are doing their part to contribute to making our world a better, healthier place.

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    Spring DIY with Lancaster Habitat for Humanity ReStore

    With the help of Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, we were able to create a crafty vertical herb garden to enjoy all season long.

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    Fresh Face: Metro Pet Vet

    A beloved local vet is opening its very first Downtown Lancaster location!

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    CHANGEMAKER: Wayne Mutata, iTrain

    Wayne Mutata inspires and empowers people through the cultivation of sustainable wellness and health at iTrain.

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    Giving Back: Timbrel Chyatee

    Lush Bazaar offers everything from couture clothing and wedding dresses to accessories and home furnishings.

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    CHANGEMAKER: Matt and Kathleen Smucker, Cafe One Eight

    Matt and Kathleen Smucker provide an authentic meeting space for those looking to connect over coffee, share lunch, or enjoy being together at Cafe One Eight.

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    Inspire Series: Sarah Yukie Gingrich, Founder of Create Karma

    Sarah, Founder of Create Karma, kicks off the Inspire Series.

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    CHANGEMAKER: PA College of Art and Design, Marina Salvatore, Senior Illustrator

    PCA&D's Senior Show & Celebration is Lancaster's largest exhibition, launching the professional careers of the creatives.

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    Celebrities On Bikes

    BikeIt is here to offer you a hassle-free way to explore this vibrant city.

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    CHANGEMAKER: Melanin Essentials

    Melanin Essentials uses an ethical social impact retail model to employ single mothers and low-income parents to make their organic, sustainably produced skincare and hair products.

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    Ways To Wellness, with Wayne Mutata from iTrain

    iTrain Studio has been motivating and empowering the Lancaster community for half a decade.

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    CHANGEMAKER: Lisa Taylor, Evolution Power Yoga

    Lisa Taylor offers a space that encourages holistic wellness at Evolution Power Yoga, and strives to empower all those who walk through the doors.

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