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    Giving Back: Annie Diaz

    Annie Diaz believes that giving back is its own reward. Born in Reading, raised partially in Puerto Rico, and now a long-time Lancaster resident, she has always felt compelled to put her heart and soul into her work, family, and community. In addition to working full time and running her own business, she has found an outlet for her passion for people, growth, and her culture in her work at the Latin American Cultural Center (LACC).


    LACC is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and preserving Latin American Culture and heritage through various educational, civic, and charitable activities. The organization is also dedicated to promoting cross-cultural experiences in Lancaster and excels at bringing Latinos and non-Latinos together for community events.


    Annie puts her time, heart, passion, and energy into causes and events that she believes will benefit the entire community. She does this with a heart for connecting people to themselves and to one another. You can engage with LACC on Facebook to find out about exciting opportunities to connect, concerts, STEM events, educational experiences, contests, festivals, and more!


    “The most important thing that I’ve learned when giving back to the community is that when we give out, it all comes back to us, and so much more.”


    The reward for all of her hard work? Gratitude, smiling faces, and knowing that she’s making a positive difference for her Latino community and her Lancaster community at the same time, opening doors of opportunity.


    Latin American Cultural Center (LACC) is a 501 (c).