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Join the team at Simon Lever

Named as one of Central Penn Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in PA, the accounting firm of Simon Lever invests in its employees, its clients, and the community at large. With a core purpose of maximizing the success of those they partner with…

Fresh Face: Pennsylvania Furniture Mission

Pennsylvania Furniture Mission is changing lives throughout South Central Pennsylvania by creating warm and welcoming homes for people experiencing economic hardship or transitioning out of homelessness by providing free, gently-used furniture that clients get to select themselves at their Columbia warehouse.

Relief is here at the Lancaster Ketamine Institute

After recognizing a need to assist people suffering from the most severe cases of treatment-resistant PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, Les Carlson, Pam Carlson, and Dr. Ryan Kuehner founded the Lancaster Ketamine Institute.

Fresh Face: Immigreat Lancaster

Immigreat Lancaster is a nonprofit helping employers integrate the unique brilliance of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants into their organizations.

Fresh Face: Aspire WorkLabs

Located on the corner of Queen and Orange Streets, Aspire WorkLabs has opened office space designed for the modern worker. The space is co-located with Aspire Ventures, a venture firm that specializes in healthcare startups…

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