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    Fresh Face: Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine

    Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine to offer cutting edge technology, medical expertise, a heart for serving their patients and world-class health and family care to the women and families of Lancaster. Previously, women in the midst of high-risk pregnancies had to go to the Doctors their Obstetrician referred them to.


    Dr. Rob Larkin and Dr. Christian Macedonia believe that every woman and family has the right to choose their own doctors, especially when what’s meant to be a joyous experience becomes stressful. This fundamental belief is what led these two highly accomplished and published doctors to begin their own Maternal and Fetal Medicine practice here in Lancaster. The team at Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine believes in the power of collaboration through advanced technology to achieve the most efficient care and the best possible outcome for mothers and babies. Credentialed by all three Lancaster area hospitals, they can work with obstetricians and patients in any hospital.


    Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine built a team of professionals that are exceptional in their field and operate under the principle of the golden
    rule, treating patients the way they would wish to be treated under similar circumstances. Both doctors have had experiences in their own families where a high-risk obstetrician was needed. They carry the empathy and understanding they gained through their own life experiences to their patients.


    The new practice boasts the best equipment and finest technology available as they house the most advanced ultrasound system in the world. Additionally they have the capabilities of sending ultrasound images to electronic devices which significantly enhances the patient experience by improving communication between providers and the people they serve.