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    Authentic: Warden Cheryl Steberger

    “This work is rewarding because of the people that I meet, the families that I help, and the hope that we give.”


    Cheryl Steberger, Lancaster County Prison Warden, started as a Correctional Officer 23 years ago, moved onto Sergeant, Lieutenant, Major, and then finally Prison Warden in 2016.


    “We are like a family here,” said Cheryl. “The communication with that staff is very transparent. Everyone deserves to know what’s going on and that establishes real trust.”


    Cheryl is the first woman to be warden at the Lancaster County Prison, something she is truly excited to use as inspiration.


    “Being Prison Warden has allowed me to be a role model for not only the other female staff working in the correctional field, but also for the women who are incarcerated.”


    Since becoming Warden, Cheryl has been hard at work implementing effective new initiatives at the prison.


    “We have a society reentry roadmap to success,” added Cheryl. “The program for reentry into the community is crucial, and it’s important to continue that progress.”


    Cheryl hopes people can learn to refrain from generalizations and negative stigmas regarding corrections and the population within the prison.


    “There is a negative stigma when it comes to those suffering from addiction,” said Cheryl. “By educating yourself, you begin to understand the hardship and the stories behind it. It’s a struggle we need to come alongside and help end.”


    She is also very proud of the team at the prison. “There are many who dedicate their lives to protect and serve the public,” added Cheryl. “They are true professionals that deserve respect.”


    As for what motivates her personally and professionally, Cheryl shared her life mantra. “I follow the Golden Rule—treat others how you want to be treated.”