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    Giving Back: Dan Jurman & Cheryl Holland-Jones

    The mouth-watering soul food served from the Reunion Food Truck is not just feeding its patrons, it’s also feeding a deeper need in Lancaster. This soulful social enterprise and impact on wheels was cooked up through a partnership between Crispus Attucks Community Center and the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County. Cheryl Holland-Jones, Executive Director of Crispus Attucks, and Dan Jurman, CAP CEO, are an inspiring example of what can be born when nonprofits combine forces to achieve their common goals for the community.


    These visionaries behind the Reunion Food Truck were determined to put their heads (and resources) together to enhance their impacts on hunger and poverty in Lancaster.


    At the forefront, the Reunion Food Truck adds soul to the food scene in Lancaster by offering mouth-watering comfort foods like pork belly tacos, sweet potato waffle fries, and macaroni and cheese. However, Reunion is also serving up a different kind of comfort in the knowledge that as a patron of the food truck, you’re also bringing deeper comfort, hope, and opportunity to your neighbors who need it the most.


    Feeding the patrons of the truck is just the start. The Reunion Food Truck also feeds a need, feeds a hope, and feeds the dreams of Lancastrians who are looking for a pathway out of poverty. The revenue from the truck will help to support and sustain the Crispus Attucks food program and will fund learning, schooling, and internship opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue a culinary career as their next step to a better situation.


    “This idea creates opportunity to have multiple positive outcomes out of one interaction. You eat wonderful food, help someone who is hungry to also eat, and support someone who needs a break to have the chance—that’s what Reunion food truck is,” says Dan Jurman.