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    An Event Destination For All Ages: The North Museum

    “When we work with members of the Lancaster Community and beyond, we are not only trying to create a deeper understanding of the sciences, but also look to help our visitors see the world around them in a different way,” said Willa Adams, Manager of Individual & Corporate Philanthropy at The North Museum. “One of the main parts of science is a dedication to asking questions, and we would like to instill that sense of wonder and curiosity in all who participate in one of our programs, experience our exhibits, attend a planetarium show or visit our live animals.”


    The North Museum of Nature and Science is a destination of discovery—from the Explore Nature Gallery and the Live Animal Room, to the Dinosaur Gallery and Planetarium, there is so much to explore. But one of the best aspects of the Museum is the lineup of fantastic events happening for all ages!


    “The North Museum is a unique venue for events because we truly offer an experience that no other venue can offer,” added Katrina Douglas, Visitor Services & Membership Manager. “We can customize our state-of-the-art planetarium to offer a special atmosphere to guests that no other venue can offer. Our Museum also allows guests to mingle and view our collections in a relaxed and fun environment.”


    Check out the guide below on some great upcoming events at the North Museum and mark your calendars now!

    Upcoming Events:

    Mark your calendars for these great upcoming events at The North Museum!



    STEAM Art Gallery Opening Exhibit 


    What: The North Museum of Nature and Science, STEAM Art Gallery promotes regional artwork that is inspired by science and nature.  Being a leader in the conversation around STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math,  the North Museum showcases artwork exhibits in the STEAM Art Gallery with the goal of creating a scientific, cultural and educational environment within the Museum.   The Artist in Residence, Matthew Dougherty will be doing painting demonstrations.


    When: Open now!


    More Info: Current exhibits are “Mergings and Minglings” by Kristi Arnold (her inspiration stems from the psychological phenomenon pareidolia—where a person sees familiar forms in random shapes or patterns, traditional Japanese landscape painting, Memphis Group, Futurism, science fiction, and biological illustrations), oil painting by Matthew Dougherty based on constellations, reptile and amphibian photography by Annie Esbenshade, and paper made from pulp created from algae on the lake at Elizabethtown College’s campus—a collaborative project between the biology and art departments.


    “The STEAM Art Gallery has really taken off and has a life of its own.  This started as a side project for me and now has become extremely popular with our visitors and staff.”  – Andrew Garner, Director of Strategic Partnerships at the North Museum.



    Cosmic Bash Launch Party


    What: The Cosmic Bash is a celebration of a community in support of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education by inspiring our future leaders. Funds raised during the Cosmic Bash help to continue the North Museum’s mission to enable knowledge of nature and science by inspiring individuals, engaging communities, and connecting organizations throughout the year.


    When: 10/11/2018


    More Info: Website



    Spooky Science Trick or Treat


    What: A wonderful way to blend trick or treat with science and fun! Don’t miss it.


    When: 10/27/2018


    More Info: Website



    Destination Mars – North Museum original SCI Dome documentary


    What: An original documentary featuring the mysterious red planet Mars.


    When: 11/25/2018


    More Info: Website



    Polar Express Film Showing


    What: Join the Museum in their state of the art Planetarium for an entirely unique viewing experience of this holiday classic. Just like in the movie—kids are welcomed to come dressed in their favorite pajamas!


    When: 12/22/2018-12/24/2018


    More Info: Website



    North Museum First Friday – STEAM Art Gallery Opening


    What: A gallery that promotes art that is inspired by nature and science. Keep checking back for details!


    When: 2/1/2019


    More Info: Website



    Nightlife at the North – The Science of Attraction


    What: Stay tuned for more information coming soon!


    When: 2/15/2019


    More Info: Website



    Cosmic Bash Fundraising Event


    What: Stay tuned for more information coming soon!


    When: 3/2/2019


    More Info: Website

    "The North Museum is a unique venue for events because we truly offer an experience that no other venue can offer."

    Loving Local


    “It seems like Lancaster inspires people to do more,” said Tyler Barton, Education Manager. “Everyone you meet is involved in some kind of project that aims to build up the community, and then it turns out they are an artist too, or a scientist or they own a business. Every community has doers in it, but Lancaster seems to be over-run with them.”


    Because of this sweeping idea of giving back, the North Museum is proud to have the community support the sciences.


    “Our volunteers, the backbone of this museum, are those people. So are our visitors. So are our staff members. In another city, I don’t think this museum could be all that it is here in Lancaster. Each member of this community seems to be lifted and propelled by everyone else’s energy. That’s especially true here at the North Museum.”


    There are so many options for visitors to explore the sciences, from an assortment of collections like fossils, to touring exhibits sure to blow you away. Find out all the Museum has to offer here.

    "We want to express just how deeply thankful we are to the Lancaster County community. This past July and August was a tremendous start to the fiscal year for us, with multiple weekends and weeks, beating our attendance and revenue records for the last five years!" - Andrea Rush, Interim Executive Director.

    Looking Ahead: New Frontiers


    Moving forward, the Museum looks to implement exciting new changes and offer even more amazing opportunities to engage with the sciences!


    “We are thrilled about the changes happening at the North Museum and have tons of exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks and months regarding new programs, exhibits, and happenings both inside and outside of the museums walls,” said Andrea Rush, Interim Executive Director. “In particular, we want to express just how deeply thankful we are to the Lancaster County community. Because of you, this past July and August was a tremendous start the fiscal year for us, with multiple weekends and weeks, beating our attendance and revenue records for the last five years! We listened to what you wanted to see from your museum and we couldn’t be happier about the results.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!”


    For more information about the North Museum, upcoming events, and more, visit the website.