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    Fresh Face: Decades

    Picture this.


    It’s Friday night, you’re getting together with friends and trying to decide where in Lancaster you want to go. Although there’s no shortage of great restaurants to sift through, tonight, you want more than to sit down for a great meal and distinctive cocktail, you also want to DO something. Your most cultured friend pipes up that he read in Fig Lancaster about a new place called Decades that might fit the bill, and you’re on your way. As you roll up North Queen Street to the historic Stahr Armory building, you’re trying to imagine how a 90 year old gymnasium could hold the key to a memorable night in Lancaster for you and your friends. You enter the building and you’re blown away by the nostalgia and the attention to detail. Tufted leather couches and shimmering chandeliers create a decadent and inviting grown-up space for mingling and connecting. The concierge greets your party and helps you sift through your options for how you want to start your evening. There’s a full restaurant with a chef-driven menu peppered with new and exciting grown-up takes on your favorite childhood dishes. Twenty-four taps of craft beers, a sommelier selected wine list, and full selection of craft cocktails ensure that no one leaves thirsty. Your eyes widen as you take in the six lane boutique bowling alley, skee ball, and around 25 of your favorite retro games from Donkey Kong and Dr. Mario, to Cruis’n USA and NBA Jam.


    This is it. The place you’ve been waiting for.


    Decades is what happens when the kids from Stranger Things grow up and decide they need a cool place to hang out as grownups. Actually it’s what happens when a group of friends with high standards, an affinity for pop culture, and a passion for Lancaster city, put their ideas and talents together to fill a need and give us all one more reason to be proud of and fun in our city on the rise.



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