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    CHANGEMAKER: Mike McKenna, Tabor Community Services

    Opening Doors – Mike McKenna helps equip people in the community with the tools they need to find permanent housing and sustainable financial success through his work with Tabor Community Services.


    Q: What are you passionate about as an organization?

    A: Tabor is passionate about giving people the tools they need to find a permanent home and realize their financial dreams! We do this by preventing and responding to homelessness, assisting those who aspire to home ownership, counseling those struggling to manage their personal finances, and revitalizing our surroundings.


    Q: How does your organization engage with the community to make an impact?

    A: For 50 years, Tabor has been a collaborator and team player with the local, state, and federal government, nonprofits, foundations, businesses, individual donors, and neighbors. We have had a clearly defined mission and area of expertise that we have stayed true to and our partners can rely on our consistency and quality. We recognize the success of our clients—and by extension, our success as an organization—is contingent on how well we connect the dots across those different sectors.


    Learn more about Tabor Community Services who is Celebrating 50 Years of Rebuilding Lives & Community: 1968-2019.