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    CHANGEMAKER: PA College of Art and Design, Marina Salvatore, Senior Illustrator

    Q: Why is it important to cultivate the arts in the community? What is the role of the artist today?

    A: Art is important for everyone, no matter your age. Not only does it bring color and beauty to our lives, it offers a new way of looking at the world around us and helps us to empathize with each other better through our creations. The camaraderie made between understanding people brings us closer together as a community. Most importantly, artists are working in all industries today, finding solutions and inventing new ways to address complex problems.


    Q: What do the arts mean to you and how have they impacted you?

    A: Art means everything to me; it’s a way to celebrate, to cope, or just to put something in my head down on paper. It’s good for everything you can think of. I was encouraged to pursue art by my art teachers and parents growing up. Their support means so much to me, and with it I’m able to follow my dreams and keep creating. Art really shaped me growing up and made me who I am.



    PCA&D’s Senior Show & Celebration Friday, May 3 | Open to the public 5–8 pm

    At PCA&D’s Senior Show and Celebration, the Class of 2019 will proudly fill four floors of the College with stunning professional-level senior thesis projects in a variety of media, the culminating work of our PCA&D graduates. This is Lancaster’s largest exhibition, launching the professional careers of the creatives who will shape and influence our future!