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    CHANGEMAKER: Wayne Mutata, iTrain

    Q: Why do you think it is important to invest in people and community around you?

    A: Because people make up everything! The more you invest in the people of the community, the better and better the community in which you live becomes!


    Q: What are you passionate about as an organization?

    A: People! We are passionate about helping them become the best version of themselves.


    Q: What is important about cultivating wellness in the community?

    A: Wellness is the cure for many things—not just the physical, mental, or emotional. In cultivating wellness, you not only bring people together, but you help them fight any demons or negativity in their life.


    Q: How do fitness and wellness empower people?

    A: When you start feeling stronger and healthier you become more confident, more empowered.


    Q: How do nutrition training and living a healthy lifestyle impact others?

    A: When one is healthier, they are happier, they live longer, and their overall quality of life is improved.


    Q: What do you feel is rewarding to be part of iTrain?

    A: You always have a family regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve done in this life. Everyone belongs!


    Stronger Together: Wayne Mutata inspires and empowers people through the cultivation of sustainable wellness and health at iTrain.