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    CHANGEMAKER: Scott Drackley, Penn Square Music Festival

    Q: How does your organization engage with the community to make an impact?

    A: Our desire is to make opera and classical musical theatre accessible and enjoyable to everyone while educating the community about this fantastic art form. We will offer performances aimed at all ages. We are also offering performances aimed at a younger demographic, to show them how this art form is relevant to all ages.


    Q: Why are the arts important to the community?

    A: The arts are very important for many reasons: they help us to be fully human, to experience beauty, to overcome our differences, and to unite us as a community. We will attract a wider audience from outside the community of Lancaster, as well as our support from our own community.


    Q: How does music empower, encourage, and/or engage?

    A: This is a topic that could fill a dissertation. Everyone loves music. Everyone has different tastes in music.


    United by opera: Scott Drackley provides a hub of musical experiences at Penn Square Music Festival, an all-professional Young Artist Program for opera singers at the beginning of their career.


    Get involved and check out their upcoming performance!


    MAY 23, 6 pm

    The dark side of opera