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    CHANGEMAKER: Jodi Holland, The Gatehouse

    Q: What is rewarding about being part of the mission at The GateHouse?

    A: The GateHouse restores the human spirit through recovery by being on the front lines of addiction. We engage and treat those struggling with addiction and their families. The reward comes as we watch them regain their lives, see their families begin to heal, and recognize hope as it begins to glimmer in their eyes.


    Q: Why are the programs at The GateHouse essential, and how do you think they impact our present and future communities?

    A: Changing lives in Lancaster County for more than 40 years, The GateHouse has been educating and bringing awareness to addiction. With the opioid epidemic, literally, now killing off an entire generation—more than ever, we must broaden our mission and give so many more an opportunity for hope.


    Q: How does The GateHouse integrate its program participants back into the community, and why is this so critical to their success? 

    A: Individuals who suffer from addiction often become isolated and anti-social in nature. Addiction wants to trap you and keep you alone… disconnected. Our goal is to reintegrate them into the community. Help them participate in their own lives, start giving back, and helping them make amends.


    If you or a family member are in need, or to donate, visit


    Restoring the human spirit: Jodi Holland, Executive Director, affirms The GateHouse exists to transform and encourage a life of recovery by providing community-centered, accredited services.